Thursday, February 5, 2009

Afghanistan says foreign fighters coming from Iraq

Afghanistan says foreign fighters coming from Iraq on

Interesting. For years we heard about the 'foreign fighters' in Iraq. Of course, they never showed up as prisoners captured after actions, or as dead bodies on the battlefield. Analysis of those sorts of hard facts always showed the Iraqi resistance was almost entirely Iraqi. There were a few foreign fighters, but never the numbers that were implied by the propaganda about them.

Now, amazingly enough, as the US shifts its active war fighting from Iraq to Afghanistan, these mythical foreign fighters are also flocking to Afghanistan.

Growing up in East Tennessee, I used to watch some pro wrestling on TV. I became convinced that they only had a limited number of scripts that were constantly recycled. Now I'm starting to think the same thing about US propaganda. They really don't have many new stories to tell. They just keep recycling the same scripts over and over. Heck, this reminds me a lot about those nasty Cubans and Soviets that were flooding into Nicaragua so they could drive up through Texas and thus destroy the American way of life. Same script, they just changed the name of the bad guys. These days with computers and printers, they don't even have to use 'white-out'.