Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting the Change We've Earned

Getting the Change We've Earned , by Dave Lindorff published at

Now that the street dancing is over, and President-elect Barack Obama is measuring the drapes for the new Oval Office (let’s hope he loses the mounted Saddam Hussein matching pistol set and that he has the direct hard-wired link between the Vice President’s Office and the Pentagon severed), it’s time to start focusing on how to make this new president live up to his mantra of “Change We Can Believe In.”

Well over 65 million people voted Obama in on the belief that he meant what he said with that largely empty slogan. They are going to be hugely disappointed if he doesn’t deliver.

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Samson said...

In this piece, Mr. Lindorff is brilliant. Of course, that's because he agrees with me on two major points. :)

The first is that it was suicidally stupid to split the already small opposition vote on the left between two candidates, McKinney and Nader. Don't get me wrong, I like each of them a lot. But, in a winner take all system, and in a system where any sort of credibility before the election is measured in poll numbers and where any credibility after the election is measured in votes, it was suicidally stupid to run competing campaigns.

And here's where I may shock some people. But not only is it vital to unify the opposition on the left, its vital for the same reason to try to unify the opposition from the right and the left. It would be equally silly to split the opposition vote between the lefty Green Party and the righty Libertarian Party.

The other point of agreement with Mr. Lindorff is that there should be a massive march in Washington on Jan 20th, 2009 when President Obama is being inagurated.