Saturday, August 25, 2012

NYPD shoots 9 at Empire State Bldg

I'm still waiting, but not holding my breath, for a US media source to put the correct headline on this.  Something like ...

"Killer murder co-worker on NYC street.  NYPD wounds nine in response"

My hackels went up the first time I heard that nine people were injured 'in the crossfire'.  The same major news sources reporting on the "Empire State Bldg Shootings" regularly use that term when an armed force, say the Israeli military, opens fire on an unarmed force.  Its usually a euphemism to try to hide the horror of unarmed people being gunned down.

And, sure enough, when I finally did watch the video of when the NYPD guns down the alleged killer, there is no 'crossfire'.  The alleged killer turns and points his gun towards the police, and quickly goes down in a hail of bullets.  There was not a single person in between the two forces who can accurately be said to have been shot 'in the crossfire'.

Why The Police Shot Civilians At The Empire State Building Today by Joe Flood,BuzzFeed Contributor
In the wake of recent mass shootings in places like Aurora, Colorado and the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, a debate has raged over whether stricter gun control laws might have prevented the shootings, or if a more heavily armed populace might have been able to stop the shooters themselves. This morning's Empire State Building shooting, though, points up the difficulty that even trained law enforcement professionals have in dealing with what they call an “active shooter scenario,” in a crowded public place.

Nine bystanders were injured in the firefight between two police officers and the suspect, Jeffrey Johnson. An unnamed law enforcement official told the New York Times that most or all of the injuries came from the 16 rounds police fired at Johnson. Johnson, detectives speculated to the Times, probably got off one shot at police.


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