Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vegas Odds

Want a real poll to tell you what's up in the Presidential elections. One that isn't spun by some media conglomorate or defense contractor or political party or campaign that isn't exactly neutral in the fight? Well, check the Vegas Odds.

Obama ------- 5/9
Romney ------ 17/10
Santorum ---- 15/1
Gingrich ---- 30/1
Paul -------- 50/1

Now, just to be clear, that's what the bookmakers have to put out in order for them to get a spread of money across the choices. But, in that sense, its an honest read on how the American people, or at least those willing to place a bet in Vegas, feel about the Presidential race. The Vegas bookies have to offer about 3.5 times better pay-outs to get people to wager on Romney instead of on Obama. Obama is still the clear favorite to be re-elected.

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