Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Reason Why the Democrats are so Afraid of Ron Paul

In the post below, I was noticing how the Democrat noise-machine seems to be in such an attack mode versus the only anti-war candidate with a real chance. Today, I saw the answer.

In a poll of potential Head to Head Matchups ....

Ron Paul beats Obama!  by a 43% to 41% margin.

Poll: Ron Paul bests Obama for the first time nationally

Congressman Paul (R-TX) has defeated President Barack Obama in a Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll of general election voters released Monday. This is the first time that Mr. Paul has defeated Mr. Obama nationally. Mr. Paul garnered 43 percent of the votes among general election voters and Mr. Obama pulled 41 percent of the votes.

When the Democrats get scared, they turn the nasty meter way up. Anyone who watched the Nader for President campaigns and the response it got in return in the form of sheer mean nastiness from the Democrats knows that. And this is why you are starting to see all over the left-leaning media constant mud-slinging smear attacks against Ron Paul.

Every time you see one, what you should really just note to yourself is that the party of Wall Street and War is afraid. There's a real opportunity for you to vote for real change. Change that would end the wars. Change that would save lives. Change that would start the process of kicking the money changers out of the temple.

Every time you see the Democrat propaganda machine slinging mud at Ron Paul, it means people out there are winning and threatening the power of the money and corruption that is today's modern Democratic party.

And you should be asking, what can I do now to help this along? What can I do to help Ron Paul defeat Wall Street? You should get involved.

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Fowl Ideas said...

Ron Paul is the guy who believes that freedom is all about letting patients die if they have no money. Was he the technical adviser for the movie, "In Time?"