Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dubya is Indeed Gone

Dubya is gone.  Dubya has completely retired from the public stage with no plans for any sort of comeback.  That was clearly announced this week.  What, you didn't hear that?  Sure you did, I think everyone heard it.

What you heard was the story about how Obama called Dubya to gloat that he was the one who got Bin Laden.  And, what you heard was that when Obama called, Dubya was eating a soufle.

That tells you Dubya is retired from the public stage, and has no interest in maintaining his fake campaign image any longer.  Dubya was eating a French dish like a 'soufle' when Obama called?

If Dubya wasn't retired, then we'd have been told that Dubya was eating Bar-Bee-Que and washing it down with a Budweiser when Obama called.

From the left, it was always easy to see how fake the 'good-ole-boy' image that Dubya projected really was.  Dubya was the son of a millionaire who became President. Dubya was an Ivy Leaguer.  But, this doesn't help Dubya get elected, so there was the fake Dubya image that was created.  Dubya down on the ranch, eating Bar-Bee-Que.  Dubya as the guy you'd like to drink a beer with.  Hmm, which type of beer goes with soufle?

What most on the left don't seem to be able to understand is that the Obama 'rock-star progressive' image of the last campaign was just as much as a fake as the image of an Ivy Leaguer like Dubya down on the ranch always was. Its the same fakery, on both sides.  The idea is to create an image that voters will like.  Truth has nothing to do with it.

Obama is as much a 'progressive' as Dubya is a 'cowboy' down on the ranch.  Cowboys don't eat soufle. Progressives don't assassinate.

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