Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Change you couldn't believe in.

President Obama Picks New National Security Team, 3/4ths of Whom Served Under Bush

The announcements were interesting because three of the four men on stage – Petraeus and Allen in the military, Crocker as part of the diplomatic corps -- served in senior national security positions for the administration of President George W. Bush, whose foreign policy President Obama has not been particularly effusive in praising.

You voted for "Change". You got the Bush team continuing on to fight the same wars.

And, whenever you hear someone trying to spin you that Obama is really a captive of his advisors and trapped into whatever policies they propose, well, remember that Obama picks his advisors. The people that he picks are the same people who ran the wars for Bush. If Obama wanted different advice, he could pick different advisors.

As always with Democrats, or any politician for that matter, watch ACTIONS and ignore words. Obama is critical of Bush with his words. But his actions show full support for continuing Bush's wars, and even expanding, escalating and surging them until there is no doubt that they are now Obama's wars.

And, in case you think maybe the mistake was electing the wrong Democrat, notice how Hillary is beaming like she's watching her daughter get married, and Biden seems to be completely losing his fight not to break out in joyful giggles and laughter.  Strange reactions at a ceremony that guarantees continued death, destruction and torture ... including the deaths and maiming of young Americans who serve in our armed forces.  Yeah, that always causes me to break out with the giggles.

Don't blame me, I voted for a real anti-war candidate. If you oppose the wars, perhaps someday you'll join me.

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