Sunday, February 13, 2011

A World Turned Upside Down.

Get old enough in this surrealistic world, and eventually it seems as if everything gets turned on its head. After all, its the Democrats who pretend to be anti-war, and to be the party one would expect to try to cut defense spending.

Yet, it appears that if you are a voter who wanted to see defense spending cut, the correct answer was really to support the Tea Party.

Tea Party declares war on military spending

If Republican icon Donald Rumsfeld is booed at CPAC, even the sacred cow of the defence budget could come under the knife

Wow, so its the conservative Tea Party types who boo Donald Rumsfeld. The Democrats would not do that. The Democrats would greet Mr. Rumsfeld with respectful applause. Then run to the floor of the Congress to vote for higher and higher defense spending ... just like they've done every session since taking control of the Congress in 2006.

No, its the Tea Party, the people who the left derides as right-wing crazies, who boo Donald Rumsfeld and then appear to be serious about acting to cut back on our ridiculous 'defense' spending where we spend more than the rest of the world combined.

Who'd have see that coming?

Well, I guess I was part-ways there. I'd been saying for years that a vote for the Democrats was a vote for more war and more and more money wasted on 'defense'. That much was obvious from their actions. All one had to do was to watch war funding bills and bigger and bigger defense budgets go sailing through the Congress that the Democrats have controlled since 2006 to understand that much.

But, who'd have thought that the correct answer to finally get a Congress that would start to make even minimal cuts to this bloated defense budget was to vote TEA PARTY?

Later this year, we'll probably get to see a fight between the House on one side, and Obama and the Democratic Senate on the other side. Because it appears that it will be the House, where the Tea Party has influence, that might act to cut defense spending. While it will be the Democrat controlled Senate and the Obama White House who will continue their fight of the last four years to spend more and more and more and more on the military.

Want to know the effect of this on our society? Try looking for a civil engineering job. The only ones that exist are military contractors. That's a direct result of Democratic policy of raising the defense budget at the expense of the health of our economy. When all the money goes to 'defense', then that's where all the jobs will be. We're not building anything at home right now, but you can go be a defense contractor in Afghanistan.

It also means we'll have lots of big tanks and fast bomber jets, but less money spent on stuff like new schools, new hospitals, and rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of the nation. The next time a bridge falls down and kills people in an American city, or the next time a levee fails and an American city gets flooded, then go find a few of those multi-tens-of-million-dollar fighter-bomber jets and pat them. Because that'll be what we bought instead of spending the money to repair that bridge or that levee.

And now, it looks like the best hope of those who want to see this change is to support the frackin Tea Party. Especially since the anti-war left was revealed to be largely a fraud when they quit the fight the day this officially became the Democrat's wars. When there is absolutely nothing from the anti-war left in trying to really challenge these wars and these defense budgets by trying to get some power in the Congress, I guess the Tea Party might indeed be the best bet in the vacuum that leaves.

If you are on the left and you don't like me saying that it seems the best way to cut back on our bloated defense spending is to vote Tea Party, then maybe the dang left needs to get off its rear and start running some anti-war, anti-defense spending candidates of their own. Of course, to do that, they'd have to challenge the Democrats. The left seems incapable of doing that. Which means that for now, its the left and the Democrats who support higher defense spending, while its the Tea Party that's trying to reign that in even by just a little bit.

This world is getting crazier by the day.

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