Monday, November 1, 2010

Which Party Supports You.

In American politics, usually the question is what party do you support. But, in a representative democracy, the question should be, which party supports you and supports what you believe?

Remember, if you vote Democrat or Republican and they win, you get exactly what they promised you. Which is more war and a government that serves corporate America a whole lot more than it serves you.

Issue Position Comparison



Green Party


Invasion and Occupation of
Oppose Support Support
Patriot Act Oppose Support Support
Invasion of
Oppose Supported Supported
Kosovo War Opposed Supported Supported
Military Budget Reduce Increase Increase
Israeli Occupation of West
Bank and Gaza.
Oppose Support Support
Global Warming - Reduction
of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Support Oppose Oppose and Failed to
Right to Choose Support Oppose Support (?)
National Health
single-payer national health
Oppose Oppose
Clean Water Support Oppose Weak Support
Death Penalty Oppose Support Support
Labor: Wages and
Support Oppose Workers Minimal Support
(Global) Corporate
Trade Agreements and Institutions (NAFTA, FTAA, CAFTA,
Restrict Expand Expand
Real Campaign Finance
Reform & Publicly Financed Elections
Support Oppose Oppose
Electoral Reforms &
Support Oppose Oppose
2000 Florida Election -
Congressional Investigation
Support Oppose Oppose
Reform the Presidential
Debate Commission
Support Oppose Oppose
Strict Standards on GMOs
(Genetically Modified Organisms)
Support Oppose Oppose
Oppose Support Support
Drug War Oppose Support Support
Giveaway of public broadcast spectrum to private companies.
Opposed to Deregulation Supported Supported
Bank Deregulation and
Banking Reform
Opposed to bank deregulation. Supported bank
Supported bank
Increased Accounting
Opposed until the Enron
scandal broke.
Other issues on which most
Republicans and most Democrats agree 
-- and Greens

  • Plan Colombia
  • The bombing of Iraqi civilians
  • Refusal to ban landmines
  • Privatization of prisons, other public services and resources
  • Severe penalties for marijuana
  • Big corporate mergers and Wall Street bail-outs
  • Forest logging giveaways
  • Powerful agribusiness lobbies instead of family farms
  • Uncontrolled bio-engineering
  • Increased wiretaps and other surveillance
  • The Defense of Marriage Act

Like most things with the Green Party, the website where this came from seems to be a bit out of date. The last 'news' article is from 2006.

Of course, most of the items still seem relevant today. You just notice that the website talks about Bill Clinton and Al Gore and John Kerry instead of Barrack Obama. The faces and the names change, but the issues don't. And, it also tells you that 4 years of Democrats in control of Congress and 2 years of Democrats having the White House as well have led to absolutely NO CHANGE in these issues.

But, it does mean that a few more should be added to the list.

  • The Green Party opposed the Israeli attack on aid ships on the open sea. The Democrats and Republicans verbally attacked the humanitarians bringing aid.
  • The Green Party supports Wikileaks and the release of the truth that the US government and military knows about our wars. The Democrats and Republicans do not and want prosecutions of those who've told American citizens the truth.
  • The Green Party opposes having Obama's FBI kick in the doors of anti-war activists. The Democrats and Republicans order the raids and do not speak in opposition.

And that's just what comes from the top of my head. Feel free to add other differences in the comments section. :)


Annie said...

Rosa Clemente is doing a great job right now on Free Speech TV's live election coverage - she's representing the greens well, as always!

Samson said...

Cool. I wished I'd seen that. I was watching some of FSTV, but missed that part. Mostly I heard the talk of all the Democrats which inspired me to write the piece on 'change' that I posted after the elections.

Very glad to see that Rosa is still speaking out. She's been amazing every time I've been fortunate enough to hear her speak.