Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's the big deal?

One Year After Cairo, Obama's Speech: Promises Made; Promises Unkept By ESAM AL-AMIN

Yes, folks, it was one year ago that Obama was making his famous speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. One year later, VP Joe Biden is saying "What's the big deal?" about Israel machine gunning 70 unarmed activists on a humanitarian aid mission.

There's a scorecard in the article. Obama's 0 for 10 in keeping the promises he made in that speech.

This is the problem with Obama. He speaks wonderful words sometimes. But he doesn't mean them. You judge where someone is by their actions, and look at Obama supporting Israeli piracy and murder.

Obama speaks wonderful words. Just don't listen to them. Or, if you listen to enjoy the craft of his excellent speechwriters, then fine. Just don't believe them.

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