Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Mr. Taliban

Interesting nugget from the CIA worldfactbook web page on Afghanistan.

The population of Afghanistan as decreased by 4,000,000 people since Dr. Brezizenski started the war with the Soviet Union there.

There are 4,000,000 fewer people in Afghanistan today. Wow!

All these wars might be good for some people in Moscow and Washington, but they sure as heck aren't good for the people of Afghanistan.

BTW, since Afghanistan is now part of the US empire, they get to have a census this summer. I wonder if they are just going to let each regional warlord report how many people he rules so he gets that much of the US money that flows into the central government. Or, if they are going to have Afghan census workers knocking on the doors and saying "Hello Mr. Taliban, I'm with the Afghan government and we'd like to ask you a few questions verifying your numbers and your consumer preferences."

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