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Why are there more deaths? (see below) Why does health care reform morph into the health insurance company bailout plan of 2009?

The Democrats like to tout how much Obama got from 'small donors'.  The Center for Responsive Politics (found at ... a must-visit website!), has a study up as to how much came to each of the major candidates in donations of $200 or less.  Obama is between 30% (primary) and 34% (gen. election).  That's better than either Hillary (22%) or McCain (21%).

Of course, the bad news is that corporate money poured by the tractor trailer full into Obama's campaign.  Obama raised a record $745 million.  If I take 32% of that (avg. of 30 and 34), that's $238 million.  That leaves $506 million in 'large contributions'.

That $506 million in 'large' contributions alone would break every previous record in the price of buying the Presidency.  By comparison, the well-financed Bush steam-roller of a campaign in 2004 raised a total of $367 million. So, there was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $200 million MORE of big corporate money in Obama's coffers than Bush ever got at his peak.

Wanna know why the great liberal progressive Obama ain't out leading the charge for good health car for all Americans?  Because the 'health' industry gave him $28,000,000 not to do so.  And Obama apparently happily took the money and the deal.

Democrats are a strange lot.  They expect you to believe that this $28 million was given just from the generosity of those involved in the health industry.  And that it has nothing to do with the fact that they got their own private meeting with Obama in the White House to make deals in their favor.  And meanwhile, they keep trying to convince the Democratic wing of the Democratic party that Obama really wants to do better than this, but his hands are tied by that mean old awful Senate with its huge majority of Democrats.

Of course, these are the same Democrats, who while insisting that the Senate and its rules are a huge obstacle to anything a President wants to do, seem to want everyone to forget that they never seemed to filibuster any Bush initiatives.  If a weak minority, with fewer votes than the Democrats nadir during Bush, can stop Obama, perhaps the Democrats could explain why their 45 senators could never even slow down Bush?

The Democrats never seem to run out of excuses of why they are so consistently evil.

If you are looking for reasons beyond excuses, that $28 million speaks volumes.  And that's just into Obama's accounts.  It doesn't include contributions to the national Democratic party proper, or to the state parties, or to candidates (like Sen. Baucus for example), or contributions to 'special' funds like the convention or the inauguration.  So, that's just a fraction that the 'health' industry paid to get this bill that in turn gurantees them billions in profits.

So, if you are running a business, and you think it might be a great idea if you could get a law passed that forces everyone to buy your product, no matter how expensive you make it or no matter how horrible the service you provide as you deny every claim, well, now you've got an idea as to how much that will cost.  Its clearly the best ROI (return on investment) you can get.  Spend maybe $100 million, then make billions in profits.  But the game's only open to those who can bring $50 million to $100 million to the table.  If you want jobs for ordinary Americans, well, tough luck buddy.

Wanna know why Wall Street still gets their bailouts? Wanna know why the wars continue?  Wanna know why the 'health' industry just got richer?  $500 million in 'large' contributions is the answer.  Go read the list of Obama's top contributors in the 2008 campaign.  You definitely won't wonder why Wall Street got its bailouts, and its protection from prosecutions and meaningful reform of regulations and oversight.  Goldman Sachs is number two on the list.  From that, it looks like just under $100 million is the price to buy the right to become the nation's only economic advisers.

Never vote for any candidate that has the money to buy lots of TV ads.  Those candidates are already bought.  Obama bought $420 million in advertising in the 2008 elections.  When you see that kind of money being spent, don't vote for them.  The candidate that will represent your interests is the one who so broke he has to ask for a lift in from the airport.

(all numbers in this post from browsing around the website)

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