Monday, June 8, 2009

Obama needs summer school

Obama, the "Student of History," Needs to Go to Summer School by Prof. Mark A. Levine on the History News Network

Near the start of his much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world, President Obama described himself as “a student of history;” by the end it was clear that he needs to get back to the classroom.

For all its well-intentioned rhetoric, President Obama's speech was, sadly, conceptually flawed, empirically challenged, and politically blind to the daily realities that drive hundreds of millions of Muslims to increasing despair.

So, a history professor feels that a US President mangled 'history' when making a speech. Nothing really new there. If for instance you've been reading what Prof. Chomsky has been writing for the last 40 years, you'd know that the US routinely mangles 'history'. Of course, Obama campaigned on 'change', so maybe the gullible among us expected something different?

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