Friday, May 29, 2009

Democrats hate Democracy

Nader: McAuliffe offered me money to pull out of key states by Stephen Webster on

Citing a new book by Theresa Amato, the national manager of Nader's 2000 and 2004 campaigns,

Terry McAuliffe -- currently running for Virginia Governor, but formerly Hillary Clinton's campaign manager and chairman of the Democratic National Committee -- offered an unspecified amount of money to fuel Nader's campaign, if you believe Theresa Amato, author of the recently-published book Grand Illusion: The Myth of Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny.

In the volume, she and Nader allege that McAuliffe personally called and offered a sum of money to enhance the Nader campaign in 31 states if he would pull out of 19 key Democratic battlegrounds.

In a democracy, there should be one crime that is more serious than almost all others. That is interfering with and subverting free elections. Its fascinating the lengths, now apparently including attempted bribery, that the Democrats will go to in order to seize power for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted with Terry Mcawful myself. I don't want that son of a bitch running my state the way he ran the Democratic Party into the ground !