Thursday, April 23, 2009

Selling Out Single Payer

Selling Out Single Payer
by Helen Redmond at CounterPunch

Helen Redmond has a nice piece up on CounterPunch about the effort Democrats are putting into killing single-payer/national health insurance. Which of course is also an effort they are putting forth to protect private insurance companies and their ability to gouge profits out of the sick and injured.

Its a nice piece, but there seems to be a basic misunderstanding on one point.
So the question becomes why don’t the Democrats and HCAN fight to get rid of the parasitic private health insurance industry (the source of the crisis) once and for all instead of constantly and unsuccessfully, decade after decade, trying to rein in, regulate, and do an end run around them?

For the Democrats, with the exception of John Conyers and a few others, they simply don’t want to abolish the private insurance industry. They are capitalists and believe in the capitalist system that makes health care a commodity to be bought and sold. For them, health care is not a human right. And importantly, they don’t want to take on President Obama who is opposed to single-payer. Like the true cowards they are, they will not oppose Obama on health care reform even though they disagree with him.

Actually, its a lot simpler than that. Why don't the Democrats fight to get rid of the parasitic private health insurance industry? Its because they are well paid by that industry to do no such thing. A trip to reveals the following total contributions (to all of Congress) from the 'health' industry since mid-2003.

Health Professionals$118,553,725301
Health Services/HMOs$15,485,89775
Hospitals/Nursing Homes$31,366,80154
Misc Health$6,939,60126
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$39,181,95967

$200,000,000.00 buys a lot of support, from both parties. This is a fundamental problem that people on the left tend to have. They tend to believe the Democratic propaganda that says the Democrats are on our side. This leads to all sorts of twisted reasoning being produced as to why they don't ACT like they are on our side. The problem is, people just don't realize that the Democrats are not on our side. They are on the side of the people who pump millions of dollars into their accounts.

Have you pumped millions of dollars into their accounts? If not, then the Democrats are not on your side. The key is to realize this, and thus not to listen to them when they spin their line of bull about how they are on our side. Don't fall for it. Vote for candidates that really are on your side.

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KDelphi said...

You hit the nail on the head, samson! (I hear Dodd in the background about "reining in the credit card industry"--Dutch Schultz, on MSNBC, can be counted on to promote Dodd's seat , since everyone knows he sold out to Wall St a long time ago)--sorry--I have AADD...distractions next door

Speaking of sell-outs--I was--Sen. Schumer had the tiny balls to bring up "a public option" (ie hugely increase the number of poor on Medicaid), for 'health insurcnce"--BaucASS quickly cut him off--"we're trying to build a concensus here---everything is on the table. Except single payer. The American people are not doing that".

Fu*ker. I guess my family will remain on the edge of bankruptcy.I will never, ever vote Dem again.