Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seven Avoidance Indicators

Seven Avoidance Indicatorsby Ralph Nader on

Indicators of avoidance are what come to mind while absorbing the various rescue, recovery, stimulus and guarantee programs coming out of the Obama Administration to slow and reverse a splintering and shattering economy. If the Obamites do not act now when the political time is ripest, to put into motion forces of deterrence and prevention, the casino capitalists of tomorrow will again be able to de-stabilize our economy.

Follow that link above, and you'll see a list of seven things that should be happening, but aren't. Of course, when you realize that Wall Street was the biggest group of donors to the Obama campaign, as well as being the group of early donors that were so vital to getting his campaign started, its no surprise at all that tasks such as "comprehensive law enforcement against the Wall Street crooks" and "shifting power to shareowners and investors" (instead of the CEOs where it resides today) aren't being acted on at all by Obama and the Democrats.

What Obama and the Demcocrats are really doing is making sure that the people who stole money during the Bush years get to keep it. And that the people who stole money during the Bush years don't face any prosecution or prison time. On top of that, the Obama administration keeps pouring trillions of dollars down the rat-hole of making sure these Wall Street firms don't go under.

Sure, Obama and the Dems throw out a few hundred billion for infrastructure projects, and not all their tax cuts go to the wealthy. But they still give huge tax cuts to the very people who've gotten every benefit over the last decade or more. The screaming from the Republicans and the wealthy is only because they aren't getting all the money like they are used to, so they howl bloody murder when they only get most of it.

So, follow the link above to read Ralph Nader. The suggestions he makes are very sensible and practical. And of course, they are hugely different from anything the Republicans or the Democrats say, as Wall Street owns both those parties.

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