Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama the Republican

Obama: won't speed up Iraq pull out on AP

Obama the Republican ....

"I think the plan that we put forward in Iraq is the right one" because it calls for "a very gradual withdrawal through the national elections in Iraq,"

"I'm confident that we're moving in the right direction. But Iraq is not yet completed. We still have a lot of work to do," the president said of the war that's winding down after six hard-fought years.

And, for people in the National Guard who thought they might be able to spend some time at home. Well, not so fast. Obama has other 'wars' to fight.

_His administration was considering putting more National Guard troops on the U.S. border with Mexico to stem violence from the illicit drug trade.

And, gotta make sure that short-term 'anger' over million dollar bonuses to the very people who caused this crash doesn't get in the way of the long term policies of pumping trillions of our dollars into the Wall St firms.

_Anger over giant bonuses for bailout-recipient American International Group Inc. was justified, but he doesn't want his long-term focus threatened by what he calls the legitimate, but short-term frustrations over some of Wall Street's actions.

"My most important job is to get this economy moving again, to get credit flowing again so that businesses large and small can start rehiring, open their doors and we can start seeing economic growth again," Obama said.

Oh, and there's this other article announcing that Obama's relations with Iran will stay on the same saber-rattling, war-like course as Bush's. You didn't really think we were going to talk to Iran, like Obama promised in the primaries, did you?

Wow, the 'change' we are getting is just stunning isn't it? We can't 'change' the war in Iraq'. We are only 'changing' the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan for the worse. And, of course we can't 'change' the fact that Wall St. owns this government, and that they now have an apparently unlimited pipeline direct from the public treasury into their pockets.

People need to burn this into their memories as what the Democrats mean by 'change we can believe in.' If people want real change, voting Democrat is not the answer.

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Samson said...

PS ... the 'liberal left' should learn the lesson of what appeasement gets them. They refused to join in with any antiwar demonstrations to mark the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq, plainly stating they didn't want to 'embarrass' the President.

So, the President then immediately gets on TV, the week before the left's substitute anti-Wall St demonstrations, and rubs in their face the message that we are going to be fighting the Iraq War for as long as he is President.

And, since the 'liberal left' is protesting Wall St as a substitute, Obama makes sure he gives the message that pumping trillions of dollars to Wall St is 'his most important job'.

The left has no political power right now, and that's directly because of their appeasement of the pro-wall st, pro-war Democrats like Obama, Pelosi et al.

It would be a very different picture if the left had registered strong anti-war, anti-Wall St votes for Nader and McKinney in the last election, and were threatening to build on popular anger to build on that in the 2010 mid-terms. Then, the left would be wielding political power that Obama and the other Republicans would have to acknowledge.

Oh well, its never too late to start. A set of strong anti-war, anti-wall street campaigns in the 2010 elections are clearly called for. Meanwhile, thousands will die in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And trillions of our money will go to the pockets of the Wall st bankers.

Better late than never though.