Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Surely this one has to be at least a little better than the last!


Lyle said...


KDelphi said...

It simply cannot be worse. (This last year)
My pc keeps shutting down--does anyone know why ".NET Runtime Optimization Services" keeps turning itself off, or why the "Uninterruptible Power Supply"--is completel;y interrupted? The pc is about 10 yrs old, and Gateway wont help anymore, and MSN wants $49 for 15 mins!!

I "hope" I can stay online--here is goes again!!

KDelphi said...

I dont see anything recent--am I doing this right?

Nannie-if you miss Common Dreams--try again. I think that they have lightened up a little--I am pretty turned off to them by now..I feel pretty insulted that they "banned" so many--but the articles are still hard to get elsewhere...

Nannie-you did NOTHING "too much"--you should be allowed to say whatever you want. Nader was right, anyway.

Nannie said...

Hi KD, I am still blocked,their Loss...LOL
I do read it with help from . Just can't post.
Ralph Nader has had two articles published in CD lately. I like that. The comments are interesting, many for him and against.He is so spot on they can't push him out. Truth is truth and always prevails.

KDelphi said...

Nannie--I am counting on it ; )