Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

I wish for everyone a very happy holiday season. May peace, joy, happines and love find its way to all of you this year! :)


KDelphi said...

Same to you!

I hate the holidays, but...lol. Same to you!

Lyle said...

Happy Holidays Sunlighters!

Though the weather outside is frightful, this holiday season
we have more reason to spread cheer after all you've DONE to
help the Sunlight Foundation spread transparency across the
country. We want to take just one moment to say "thank you."

Over the past year, you've been invaluable help in our task to
make government more open: you've helped us dig through piles
of data and push for real transparency in Congress. You've
blogged, commented, tweeted, edited wikis, and spread the word
of "sunlight" -- all in the name of greater transparency.

To thank you for everything over the past year, the Sunlight
Labs team put together this Holiday card:


As an added HOLIDAY bonus, Sunlight recently launched a new
version of our Congress word-of-the-day site, Capitol Words.
Take a look at it over the holidays. The new Capitol Words
(http://www.capitolwords.org) provides extensive new
features including pages for individual lawmakers and whole
state-wide delegations and the words they use the most.

We are excited about 2009. The New Year will bring a lot of new
opportunities for you to join with us to work for even more
transparency. We have a lot planned and hope that you will join
us, as we will join you, in pushing for an open, honest, and
connected government.

Happy Holidays from the ENTIRE Sunlight Foundation team!

Nannie said...

Happy Holidays to all.

I am following a story of the sludge tsumami in kingston,TN. It is terrible. Here are two links:



It is a media blackout on MSM. Shame...